ACA Roundup – Non-Rad, Liability, Policy, & Service 

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Videos

In addition to recovering from the food and good times that accompany any ACA event, the conversations and meetings held at the Congress of Corrections this week in New Orleans have given us new insights on how the term “vendor” or “supplier” continues to evolve. 

The days of just selling products and service are over. Correctional and rehabilitation centers – already facing unprecedented operational and staffing challenges – find themselves challenged on multiple fronts to maintain safe, mandated operational procedures while staying ahead of contraband smugglers. 

We have heard this message loud and clear and as a result, will continue to offer the comprehensive solutions the industry is calling for:

  • Policy: Investing in a system without an approved, legally sound policy to operate puts your entire facility at risk. Tip: Make sure your vendor has experience and can help you write a comprehensive policy. 
  • Liability: After an OD or an officer exposure to fentanyl, and the accompanying lawsuits, you need to be able to say you did everything possible. 
  • Non-Rad: More states and labor groups are adopting strict policies that prohibit the use of radiation emitting body scanners on employees and visitors.
  • Service: Not just warranty, but preventative and rapid response that will help you achieve maximum ROI. Tip: Make sure you ask if the people servicing your system will be employees or third-party contractors.