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Security Focus – Front Lobby

Hello, We are excited to welcome our customers, partners, and guests to the American Jail Association (AJA) Conference & Expo – May 18-22 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

STVS in the News

Participating in a roundtable discussion, CEO J. Barry Johnson shares how STVS helps customers achieve their security goals: “The key to success is understanding not just what

Spring Cleaning – Reviewing your security program

Regular review of your security program is a crucial part of creating a safe facility for inmates, employees, and visitors. Any time is a good time to look inward and plan, review your operations, and make investment decisions based on long-term security challenges.

Learning from Experience

Learning from Experience – Starting as a Corrections Officer more than 35 years ago, Jim Eckard’s career has placed him in various security leadership positions at four Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) state institutions and one county prison. Growing up...

ACA Preview: Experience Matters – See you in Maryland

As we get ready to welcome customers and partners to the ACA Winter Conference, January 4-7, at National Harbor, Maryland, I want to brief you on the contactless detection solutions you will see in our booth and our plan for helping you stop the introduction of...

Maximizing Budgets

Maximizing Budgets for Enhanced Security Closing out the year is the ideal time to review your contraband detection program, remaining and future budget, and growth projections to achieve both maximum ROI with taxpayer money and that you are making strategic...

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