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All Secure Technology Value Solutions installation services are conducted by our team of experienced correctional professionals. We work with you to effectively install our solutions as quickly as possible with minimal impact to daily operations. Our experienced team has conducted multiple installations inside of Prisons, Jails, Court Houses, Private Rehabs, and Event Centers. We understand that speed, efficiency, and reliability are key.

Installation services are conducted by Secure Technology Value Solutions Staff and always free of charge.


How Secure Technology Value Solutions trains its customers is what separates us from the rest. We only use ex-correctional professionals that have used our products in the field to conduct our classes.

Each class consists of Classroom Education, Hands-On Experience, and Testing to insure a well-rounded education. All documentation is provided for verification and submission to regulatory agencies.

Also, customers receive continued learning with online access to training materials such as tutorial videos. We also perform quality control, meaning your staff have direct access to their trainer 24/7 to ask questions, report a scenario, or even for image interpretation.

We never stop training our customers!

Warranty & Rapid Response

All Secure Technology Value Solutions products come with a warranty. When you have either the included or a purchased service agreement, this covers every aspect of the machine from start to finish including continued training.

If you experience a system issue, you can call our Rapid Response team. Most calls are answered immediately, but if not, a call back is guaranteed within 2 hours. In the rare occasion that a STVS Technician is required, we will be on your doorstep within 24 hours

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