Learning from Experience

by | Mar 14, 2024 | News & Articles

Learning from Experience –

Starting as a Corrections Officer more than 35 years ago, Jim Eckard’s career has placed him in various security leadership positions at four Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) state institutions and one county prison.

Growing up with an interest in law enforcement, Eckard took corrections-focused courses in high school and college. The rest, and he says, is “history.” Over the course of his career, Eckard served in every security position– from CO, Sergeant, and Lieutenant, all the way up to Deputy Superintendent for Facility Operations and Superintendent.

Since joining STVS in November 2023, Eckard has been continuing his work in securing correctional facilities and preventing contraband introduction.

“My passion for those I have served with has motivated me to work to make Correctional Facilities the most secure and safe environment for the staff, those incarcerated, and visitors. The use of advanced detection technologies including body scanners is an important part of achieving this.”

Eckard experience includes serving as a tactical officer during multiple disturbances, which has shaped his passion and drive to keep contraband out of facilities.

“These memories have never left my mind and are a driving factor in my obsession with stopping contraband smuggling. The good news is technology now exists to make body scanners available to all sized facilities and budgets.”