Screening Visitors & Employees: Multilayered for minimum contact

by | Jun 17, 2022 | News & Articles

With inmates entering in a controlled and isolated environment, smugglers and those seeking to do harm are increasing their focus on coercing non inmates – including employees and visitors – into illegal activities. 

Screening these groups and their belongings, in addition to parcels, food, and materials deliveries, requires a multilayered approach to achieve the maximum performance, throughput, and return on investment (ROI)  

Body Scanner: Body scanners used on inmates typically emit a minuscule amount of radiation. Regulations prevent these systems from being used on employees and visitors. As a result, technologies including advanced Millimeter Wave that accurately detect metallic and non-metallic weapons, IEDs, liquids and narcotics concealed under clothing without emitting any ionizing-radiation are growing in popularity and footprint. 

X-ray: Personal property of visitors and employees, deliveries, parcels, and medical supplies – just to name a few – are major reasons why facilities are reevaluating their security programs to integrate robust X-ray screening. Pro tip ­– make sure the suppliers you speak to has multiple size, service, and power offerings that can grow with your facility and ensure minimum downtime. 

Trace Detection (ETD): By detecting microscopic trace amounts of explosives and narcotics on numerous surfaces including skin, clothing, currency, and packaging, advanced ETD technology – both desktop and handheld – is playing a growing role in comprehensive security programs. With smugglers always innovating, trace detection uses a single swab to accurately detect and identify if the person or package has been in contact with explosives and/or narcotics. 

There is no silver bullet to secure the “font of the house” as we often say in the industry. Through a multilayered approach that integrates different detection technologies, it can be accomplished. Don’t know where to start? Ask someone who has walked in your shoes and can prove it. 

The STVS Team