EOY Checklist – Software Customization

by | Dec 13, 2022 | News & Articles

Whether you are updating your personal smartphone or maintaining a vital piece of security infrastructure, regular software updates are an important part of routine maintenance. 

It stands to reason …  contraband smugglers never stop innovating, so regular software upgrades help your body scanner operate more efficiently and with new detection capabilities. But how can corrections and rehabilitation facilities take it one step further? Contraband threats can differ, so how can software be the same? 

The answer is it does not have to be. By working together, STVS can customize a software that meets the specific throughput, detection, and operational requirements of any facility. What contraband smuggling challenges are you facing? What are your growth projections? Learning from our customers is a big reason for our growth. While any data generated by your body scanner belongs to you, many customers are working with STVS to customize a unique software and CONOPS. 

Bottom line – before investing in any infrastructure don’t just think about hardware – focus on long term software and operational requirements. If someone is saying every five years you need new hardware, it’s time for a new direction. 

Throughput and detection enhancements can be made seamlessly though software upgrades. 

The hardest part is getting started and asking the right questions. The first step – ask professionals who have been where your facility is going.