Human Body Inspection System

Product Benefits

High Quality Images

Dual view images – one image with a head to toe full stembody scan, the other image focusing on the torso

Non-Contact Head-to-Toe Inspection

No special motion required; identifies threats hidden on and inside body with only one scan.

Superior Inspection Capability

Easily detects contraband concealed under clothing, swallowed or concealed in body cavities including metallic and non-metallic weapons, explosives, drugs, smuggled goods, mobile phones, jewelry, gems and precious metals

Reduces Confrontational Searches While Enabling Staff Optimization

Reduces time consuming and potentially dangerous pat-downs and number of staff required to screen each
person; freeing up personnel for deployment as needed

Practical Software

Provides image processing, database management, user management and training functions; LAN and WAN compatible enabling remote inspection, portable monitor and centralized management

Radiation Safety

Dose level complies with the IAEA and ANSI N43.17 standards; Including in correctional facilities, law enforcement, border crossings and special events.

Convenient Maintenance

Modular design provides easy installation and maintenance

Widely Used in a Variety of Applications

Including in correctional facilities, law enforcement, border crossings, special events, etc.

Inspection Items

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