Maximizing Budgets

by | Nov 30, 2023 | News & Articles

Maximizing Budgets for Enhanced Security

Closing out the year is the ideal time to review your contraband detection program, remaining and future budget, and growth projections to achieve both maximum ROI with taxpayer money and that you are making strategic investments for the long-term.

Being a company founded and operated by former corrections and law enforcement officials, STVS has lived these situations firsthand. We know having state-of-the-art contraband detection technology is crucial for maintaining safety and security.  

We also understand the budget realities you face. Every dollar – if any – remaining at the end of the year must make the biggest impact to ensure your facility can meet the never-ending innovations of smugglers. How does STVS help you achieve this? By helping you review and plan for:

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions: For inmates, visitors, and employees – contactless and reducing potentially dangerous pat downs and manual inspections.

  • Customized Solutions: Security isn’t one size fits all.  Whether in prisons, law enforcement agencies, or rehabilitation treatment centers, we customize software and screening programs to meet your unique needs.

  • Swift Implementation and Training: Our team is dedicated to ensuring swift implementation and providing comprehensive training for your staff. Smugglers don’t wait – neither does STVS.

  • Future-Proof Technology: Investing in scalable technology and hardware that can be updated by software – ensuring maximum system life and an expandable detection library to stay ahead of evolving detection challenges.

The bottom line is trust professionals who have direct experience managing both facilities and budgets – stretching every investment to create the most effective and efficient contraband screening program.

That is who you get when you work with STVS. The first step is reaching out.