Under Vehicle Inspection Robot

Product Benefits

Lightweight & Rapidly Deployable

The STVS VR1000 Under Vehicle Inspection Robot utilizes intelligent scanning cameras to generate real-time, HD videos and images of the undercarriage of personal and commercial vehicles. Operated seamlessly from a wireless handheld device, including a tablet, VR1000 quickly and accurately identifies chassis modifications and illegal activities including smuggling. VR1000 can capture the license plate number of the vehicle being inspected and does not require any supporting facilities or infrastructure. The operational flexibility and reliability of VR1000 make it ideal for vehicle control inspections at border crossings, government installations, critical infrastructure, and law enforcement facilities.

Portable & Mobile

Can be carried by a single person. No requirement for supporting facilities and pre-deployment. Highly road adaptability, responds to temporary inspection demands, rapidly deployable.

Clear Image

The entire HD image of the vehicle’s undercarriage can be automatically displayed, and
touch zooms used to focus on the details. Fixed-point observation after specifying the position to meet inspection needs.

Easy Inspection

No need for driver cooperation, the vehicle is stationary during inspection. Automatically aligns with scanned vehicle. One touch image generation from handheld controls.

Data Query & Comparison

Automatic license plate capture and associated with the vehicle’s undercarriage image. Can be compared with the historical data.

Inspection Items

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