Human Body Inspection System

Product Benefits

Non-Contact Head-to-Toe

No special motion required; identifies threats hidden on and inside the body with only one scan

Superior Inspection Capability

Easily detects contraband concealed under clothing, swallowed or concealed in body cavities including metallic and nonmetallic weapons, explosives, drugs, smuggled goods, mobile phones, jewelry, gems and precious metals.

Reduces Confrontational Searches While Enabling Staff Optimization

Reduces time consuming and potentially dangerous pat-downs and number of staff required to screen each person; freeing up personnel for deployment as needed

Practical Software

Provides image processing, database management, user management and training functions; LAN and WAN compatible enabling remote inspection, portable monitor and centralized management

Radiation Safety

Dose level complies with the IAEA and ANSI N43.17 standards; Including in correctional facilities, law enforcement, border crossings and special events.

Convenient Maintenance

Modular design provides easy installation and maintenance

Widely Used in a Variety of Applications

Including in correctional facilities, law enforcement, border crossings, special events, etc.

Inspection Items

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